Our broad range of services covers all your needs

NHS Australia Medical Centre is a full service general practice, providing an exceptional level of care to patients with acute and chronic conditions.

We have both male and female Doctors available, who are committed to looking after your health. With a fully equipped treatment room within our medical facility, we perform skin cancer checks and minor surgery on-site.

We’re also proud to be part of a professional health network, and can refer you to highly qualified specialists whenever necessary.

We believe in a holistic approach to medicine and will thoroughly investigate all areas of your current and past medical history. Our aim is to always put your health first and strive for the healthiest possible version of you.

Our Services

Chronic disease management

Management of chronic or terminal conditions

Preventative Medicine

Protect, promote and maintain good health and wellbeing

Travel Medicine

Vaccinations, risk-assessments and international prescriptions

Work Cover

Assessments, medical certificates and ongoing return to work plans

Weight Management

Weight checks, hormonal tests, prescriptions and wellness plans


Conception, antenatal checks, pregnancy health, post natal checks

Women's health

Contraception, breast checks, hormonal imbalances, menopause concerns

Men’s Health

Men’s health assessments, prostate checks, mental health, heart health

Children's health

Age appropriate health checks, acute and chronic illness, immunisations

Sexual Health

Contraception, STI checks, sexual dysfunction, mental health

Skin Checks & Minor Surgery

Skin cancer checks, incisions, repair of lacerations, removal of foreign bodies

Elderly Medicine

Geriatric medicine, Multiple medical conditions, preventative treatments


Childhood age immunisations, travel vaccinations, adult immunisations


Mental health disorders, eating disorders, anxiety and depression


Nutritional medicine and advice to treat a variety of chronic and acute conditions

Exercise Physiology

Exercise for the prevention and management of diseases and injuries


To book an appointment, please call us on 4399 1755 or use our fast and convenient online booking system. Standard consultations last for 10 minutes, so please advice our reception staff if you think you require a longer appointment time, or select a long consultation when booking online. First time patients will require a longer appointment so our doctors can familiarise themselves with your medical history. We will always endeavour to find you a suitable appointment time with your preferred doctor, however please be aware that emergencies will be given priority. If your appointment time is affected for any reason, our staff will ensure every effort is made to contact you.
You will receive an SMS reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment time. If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reschedule and allow patients on our waiting list to be seen.
Your Medicare details, personal details and medical history is stored by the centre using highly secure, encrypted software. If you have any concerns about your privacy, please speak to our reception staff.
If you are waiting for results of pathology tests, you will be notified immediately of any significant abnormal test results, and an appointment will be made for you to see your Doctor. For all other results, we encourage you to book an appointment to discuss your results.
Prescriptions and referrals
You will need to see your Doctor before you can be given a new prescription or a repeat prescription. You are also required to see your Doctor for all specialist referrals and renewed referrals. This is so we can monitor your progress and adjust your treatment plan if necessary.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm


15 Roper Road Bluehaven 2262
P 02 4399 1755   F 02 4399 1855